About Us

Desi Fusion is an upcoming fashion and lifestyle label that integrates modern day dash
and unapologetic individuality into traditional ethnic art forms to produce accessories
which are au courant individualistic and chic.

Desi Fusion is all about bringing Phulkari into the moment and showing it can be
edgy and now thing. The rich embroidery of Phulkari has traditionally adorn the Punjabi
women for generations. Phulkari means ‘flowered’ work, because the running design
usually include the floral motifs.

Our mission is to popularize Phulkari- the embroidery technique of our ancestors and
develop products of it for present day usage. 

Desi Fusion products are designed on the lines of marrying “ethnicity with modernity”
and creating collection for new age Desi’s around the globe. 

Desi Fusion aims at designing clothing and accessories for individuals who love natural
fabrics, with an ethnic touch. In our endeavor to serve better we strive to create
uniformity experienced by our consumers along with originality.

Desi Fusion products are inspired by tradition and designed for today.

How it all Began

Some journeys have an unforeseen beginning. The whole idea
of Desi Fusion started when Pavit and her husband Gurpreet
(then engaged) started a tête-à-tête on the creative concept of
their wedding card, As he is from advertising world – The
idea of a “long recall” was in his mind,
something which the invitees could retain and bring it to
their use when or as they so desire. Based in the UK at the
time Pavit was keen on symbolizing her heritage in their
wedding card .They concluded that the card should have the
tone of Rich Punjabi culture & heritage, thus the idea of
having a Phulkari cover for the invite along with the sling
that doubles up as a sling bag was conceptualized. The long
and short of it is – this is how Desi Fusion came into being.